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An occupation requiring special education or any calling by which a person habitually earns his living is normally referred to as a profession. Exhibiting this character spirit or methods is referred to as a professionalism, I e. the standing. Practice or methods of a professional as distinguished from those of an amateur or q quack. To make the practice of baking professional, and to facilitate the achievement of our mission statement, adequate training must be provided.


Training is what every organization must pay special attention to. The contribution of individual worker depends on what knowledge of the work they have and the skills they possess to carry out the work. New knowledge and skills acquired increase an organizations performance.


Cole (1997) states that: Training is any learning activity, which is directed towards acquisition of specific knowledge and skills for the purpose of an occupation or task. Training in essence can be implied to mean the teaching or learning of activities carried on; for the primary purpose of helping members of an organization. To this end, continuous training to the Nigeria baking Industry.


In order to uplift the standard of Nigeria Baking Industry, it is necessary to create a structure that will facilitate the professionalization efforts.



To professionalize the Nigeria baking industry by setting common and achievable goals for all stakeholders with a view to uplifting the baking profession to international standards.



It is an independent body for all professional in the practice of baking



1.To serve as the umbrella body for all baking professionals

2.To create opportunities for training, skill development and knowledge acquisition

3.To put in place, administrative, legal and legislative procedures necessary for the

4.Professionalization of the Nigeria Baking Industry.

5.To establish the role of Government in the professionalization efforts.

6.To confront the challenges posed by the new trends in the baking profession.

7.To organize seminars, conference and workshops for thenuous training of the Nigeria baker.

8.To be involved in research and product development.



For strategic reason, it will be located on the Lagos Badagry Expressway on a 1 hectare land to accommodate all the facilities of the institute. However other projects and development will be spread to all Local Government Areas inLagosState. It is our hope that our institute will cover the West African sub region by taking advantage of the International route.




A - AMBCN secretariat

B – Baking Institute Office Complex1

C- Baking institute Office Complex11

D – Baking hall and shopping Complex

E – Multi purpose hall and Conference /seminar rooms

F – Guest house

G – Commercial House

H – Pilot bakery plant for BakingSchool

I -Banking School(Classrooms and Laboratory)

J – Hostel complex and future developments



All preliminary activities for the take off the Institute and Baking School will be at the Secretariat of the Association on 6 Jinadu Street, Atobaje, Agege Lagos where temporary offices will be provided from January 2013.



It will initially, be managed by Management Consultants and Administrators who will put in place administrative and organizational structure for the institute and run it till a time when a duly constituted governing board and management team will be put in place to formally take over the day to day administration of the Institute’s activities.



N 100m in three (3) years




PHASE 1: (January 2013 - March 2013)

1.Land Acquisition and documentation

2.Perimeter fencing

3. Main gate construction


PHASE II   (April 2013 - December 2013)

        Construction of the commercial Bakery


PHASE III:     (January 2014 - December 2014

        Construction of the institute’s Office Complex

PHASE IV   (January 2015 - December 2015)

Construction of the Baking School

PHASE V:   2016 

Other construction works i. e . Multi purpose hall, Guest houses, Hostels etc



The Lagos Institute of Baking is a dream of theNigeriaMaster Bakers and it is our hope that you will make this dream come true by assisting us financially and in other capacities as may be required.