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In order to uplift the standard of the Nigeria Baking Industry, it is necessary to create a structure that will facilitate the professionalization efforts.


A profession is an occupation requiring special education, or any calling by which a person habitually earns his living. Exhibiting this professional character, spirit or methods is reffered to as professionalism, i.e., the standing, practice, or methods of a professional as distinguished from those amatuer or a quack. To make a practice of baking professional as stated above and to facilitate the achievement of the mission statement, adequate training must be provided


Training is what every organisation must pay special attention to. The contribution of individual workers depends on what knowledge of the work they have amd the skills they possess to carry out the work. New knowledge and skill acquired increases an organisation's performance.

Cole (1977) states that: 'Training is any learning activity, which is directed towaards acquisition of specific knowledge and skills for the purpose of an occupation or task." Training in essence can be implied to mean the teaching or learning of activities carried on, for the primary purpose of helping members of an organisation to acquire and apply the knowledge, skills, abilities and attitudes needed by that organisation. To this end, proffessionalization is inevitable to the Nigeria Baking Industry.

Goals & Objectives

1. Effective and efficient running of the Secretariat.


2. Stability and sanitation of the Industry in Lagos State.


3. Computerization of the operations in the secretariat for efficient and effective information management (website acquisition, internet services, telecommunications etc)


4. International exposure/ recognition of the Association and its leadership.


5. Management training and development for leadership of the Association of all levels.


6. Establishment of aBakingSchooland lnstitute for professional development.


7. Registration as a professional body to facilitate baking practice in Nigeria especially Lagos State.



1.Association of Master Bakers and Caterers of Nigeria, national Secretariat, Shagamu,Ogun State.

2.Association of Master Bakers and Caterers of Nigeria, South west Region, lbadan. Oyo State.


1.Local Government chapter in all the twenty (20) Local Government in Lagos State.

2.Various units in all the Local Government in the State.



Lagos State Council of Tradesmen and Artisans(LASCOTA).



1.National Agency for food Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC)

2.Standards Organization of Nigeria

3.Lagos state Ministry of Health

4.Lagos State Environmental Protection Agency(LASEPA)

5.Health Departments of Local Government inLagos state

6.Lagos State Ministry of Commerce and Industry

7.Lagos State Ministry of Agriculture.


1.Flour Mills Association of Nigeria

2.Flour Mills of Nigeria Plc

3.Crown Flour Mills Ltd

4.Honeywell Flour Mills Plc

5.Dangote Flour Mills Plc

6.Standard Flour Mills Ltd

7. Bua Flour Mills Ltd



1.Oba of Lagos

2.Lagos State Commissioner of Police

3.Lagos State House of Assembly

4.Relevant Ministries in Lagos state